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What Will Be Your Space Jam?

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]What will you make that will make the world awesome -Kid President[/pullquote] Whether you’re dealing with an Insurance company that does not pay out on time if at all, or you former partner stopped paying child support, or the phone rings with a heartless debt collector, or your house is in foreclosure.  Whatever your problem may be, take a minute to concentrate on the things in life you enjoy, which make your community a better place.   Offload your legal issues onto an attorney so you can concentrate on “what will be your space jam.”  Put another way, “What will you create that will make the world awesome!” Kid President.

Enjoy the weekend People, -Attorney Arthur Hardy-Doubleday

Arthur Hardy-Doubleday

Author Arthur Hardy-Doubleday

Arthur Hardy-Doubleday practices law in Cambridge and Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts. He works in the areas of Real Estate, Personal Injury, and Consumer Protection Law. When not practicing law, Arthur enjoys sailing, hanging out with friends on the beach, and waking his dog "Ridiculous."

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