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Arthur I personally want to welcome you to We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a snapshot of who we are and what we think sets us apart as a firm.

Doubleday Law’s focus on excellence is the foundation on which the firm was founded on. It’s a core principle in everything we do — from representing a client in bet- the-company litigation, to standing up for victims of domestic violence. We set the highest standards for ourselves because we know what is at stake for our clients. And are proud that.

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. The firm prides itself on providing an environment in which hard work is complemented by collegiality, mutual respect, and an element of fun. It’s part of why we serve our clients so well.

I invite you to contact me if we can be of further service to you.

Founding Attorney
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Our Passion For What We Do Is Reflected In Our Service To Our Clients

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