Consumer Protection

You just bought a car and now it requires extensive repairs.  Your landlord never returned your security deposit.  A home improvement contractor never finished the work as agreed.  A product you purchased from a retailer does not work and the retailer refuses to take it back.

In Massachusetts, consumers are protected under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act or 93(A)(9).  This act allows consumers to sue businesses that have treated them unfairly or deceptively.

At Doubleday LAW, we have extensive experience with 93A litigation.  Whether we are recovering a security deposit for a tenant, fighting eviction, or asking a court to grant injunctive relief to protect a business, we often cite 93A as a legal tool to get the end result our client needs.

If you have been treated in an unfair and deceptive manner, you may be owed treble damages plus attorney fees for violations of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act.  Please contact us today so we can discuss your matter promptly.

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