Real Estate

Buying, Selling and Leasing Property is filled with “hooks” and “handles” that can complicate a seemingly straightforward transaction.   Whether buying a home or planning a development, competent legal counsel is required.  Attorney Arthur Hardy-Doubleday has taken on everything, from single family purchases and sales to complex multifamily housing developments using both public and private financing.   Contact us today to begin the conversation.


Before signing the “Offer to Purchase”, there are many factors  buyers should consider.   How much house can they afford versus what they need?  Which bank will they use to finance?  How much can they borrow?  What is the condition of the house?  Do they have a house inspector ready to inspect?   Are there any contingencies the seller is looking for or willing to offer?  The list gets exhaustive.

The purchase of a property can be thrilling, scary, and nerve-wracking.  At Doubleday Law, we try to lower the stress.  By sitting down and discussing the process with our clients, we try to get them ready to anticipate the unanticipated.  If you’re thinking of buying a home or are already working with a broker, contact us today.  The earlier counsel gets involved in the process, the easier the transaction.


Selling real estate can be nerve-wracking.  What is the right price? Will the buyer chip away at the price with the inspection report?  What is a reasonable request from the buyer versus when is it time to walk away from the deal?

In Massachusetts, sellers of real estate should promise very little.  Furthermore, if warranties are requested, asking for a higher purchase price is reasonable.  Knowing what a seller is legally obligated to versus what is above-and-beyond is important.  If you’re thinking of selling your real estate, contact us today.


Massachusetts is one of the most tenant-friendly states in the United States.  A landlord must be careful when leasing the property to ensure that the experience is positive for both the landlord and the tenant.

While the eviction process is one of the fastest legal processes in the commonwealth, it is still slow.  Tenants have many rights that most landlords (even large ones) are not aware of.

Common legal issues arising out of residential leasing:

  • Security Deposit Handling
  • Maintenance
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Right to Enter the Unit
  • Consumer Protection 3X Damages

Having an attorney involved early often helps clients avoid unnecessary litigation cost.  If you are a tenant or a landlord, contact us today.

 Vacation Rentals

Many property owners in Massachusetts derive needed extra income from renting their real estate during the vacation months.   Landlords should be aware of the different laws that are applicable to short-term rentals.  Specifically, a landlord should grant the tenant the right to be in the home that is exempt from the traditional landlord/tenant law.  By doing so, the landlord will be able to eject a holdover tenant without having to file a suit.  If you are renting your house for a short-term vacation, contact us today.

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